Dishwasher Parts: A Quick Guide On Dishwasher Repair

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A Brief Guide On Replacing Broken Dishwasher Parts

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Common Issues With Dishwashers

All appliances have their kinks and your dishwasher is no exception. Here’s a list of some of the more common issues that plague modern dishwashers.

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Dishes Aren’t Getting Properly Cleaned

Perhaps the most common dishwasher issue has to do with it failing to accomplish its primary function – cleaning dishes. While this is sometimes caused by user errors (such as overloading a dishwasher), a hardware problem with some internal parts is just as likely.

There are a lot of possible factors that come into play when your dishwasher isn’t cleaning your dishes properly. Possible broken parts include a malfunctioning float switch, spray arm, dishwasher pump or a sump and motor assembly.

Dishwasher Is Leaking

Water pooling under your dishwasher door should be fixed as soon as possible to prevent damage to your floor. It could be caused by a faulty door gasket, malfunctioned solenoid, or misaligning a dish rack. However, regular leaking could be a sign that some parts of your dishwasher need an inspection. In particular, your dishwasher door’s seal or gaskets might need a closer look.

Dishwasher Doesn’t Drain

Having a dishwasher that refuses to drain itself can lead to a huge wet and soapy mess. This is far from ideal, especially if it happens regularly. A dishwasher failing to drain could be a sign that your dishwasher has a clogged drain or filter. However, it could also just as likely be caused by a malfunctioning drain pump.

Dishwasher Keeps Getting Filled Up Or Doesn’t Fill Up

Naturally, your dishwasher needs water to properly function and clean your dirty dishes. This might turn into issues with your dishwasher filling up or failing to fill up. Issues like these are most likely caused by a mechanical malfunction in one or more parts. Some of the more common causes include a faulty turbidity sensor or a broken water inlet valve.

Diagnosing Issues And Broken Parts

Diagnosing your broken dishwasher often means having to narrow down which part is causing the issue. Here are a few things you can do that should help you identify which parts are causing your problem.

Dishwasher Isn’t Cleaning Dishes Properly

Before anything else, always check if your dishwasher is clean enough already. Make sure there aren’t any stains, food particles, or debris hiding in any of the cleaning parts. Clean your dishwasher and then run its cleaning cycle again. If the problem persists, then go ahead and check whether the dishwasher pump is functioning properly. A malfunctioning motor could result in low water pressure.

Dishwasher Is Leaking

A dishwasher leaving puddles usually means a problem with one or more parts of the door. First, check the door latch if it is latching properly. A loose door latch could be the reason water is leaking from your appliance. Another reason could be a misaligned upper rack which is keeping your door from closing properly.

If neither your door or upper rack is the problem, then continue on and inspect the door gaskets and seals for any cracks or holes. Due to wear and tear, these parts may eventually get damaged and will need to be replaced.

Dishwasher Doesn’t Drain

Make sure your drain line, draining hose, or any other related part isn’t clogged. Clean them thoroughly and see if the problem persists. If it does, then move on and check the assembly of the drain valve to see if it’s moving properly. Alternatively, check if your appliance’s drain pump is working properly. Locate where it is in your dishwasher and try to identify if its motor is working. A broken drain pump will definitely need to be replaced.

Dishwasher Keeps Getting Filled Up Or Doesn’t Fill Up

The most likely culprit for this is a broken water inlet valve – either it’s stuck and letting in too much water or it doesn’t let in water at all. If the part is functioning properly, then your problem may be caused by one of the dishwasher’s internal sensors (such as the float switch or turbidity sensor), which need to be replaced.

Common Dishwasher Parts

A lot of common hardware problems in dishwashers can be solved by replacing the broken part with a new one (a genuine OEM part will suffice). This takes a little bit of knowledge on how the parts work – which is why we’ve come up with this short guide on some of the more commonly broken dishwasher parts.

If you’re unsure about any of these parts, refer to your dishwasher’s model number and check the specific part number of whatever you’re looking to replace. This should help you decide which genuine OEM part you’re going to need.

Dishwasher Pump and Motor Assembly

The dishwasher pump and motor assembly is powered by an electric motor and is in charge of most water movement in the dishwasher. During the pump cycle, the dishwasher pump forces the water into the spray arm, which rinses whatever is in the dish rack.

Some dishwasher pumps are reversible, which means they can switch between sending water into the spray arm and the drain hose by reversing the direction of the motor. Other dishwashers have a direct-drive pump, which only flows in one direction. The water flow of the direct-drive pump is usually redirected depending on what cycle the dishwasher is currently in.

A broken pump assembly can lead to a lot of complications in your dishwasher’s normal functions. Depending on what type of pump your dishwasher has, damage on this part can lead to issues with either the filling or draining of the appliance. Always check what kind of pump you have before replacing it with a new pump assembly.   

Drain Pump

Some dishwashers have separate pumps for their spray arm and draining system. In these types of dishwashers, the drain pump primarily functions to direct the water into the drain hose for disposal. A damaged drain pump assembly usually leads to a dishwasher that doesn’t drain properly.

Dishwasher Door Gaskets

Door gaskets mainly help in keeping your dishwasher from leaking. This part lines the dishwasher’s door to seal all the water inside once the dishwasher is turned on. Any cracks or damage to the door gasket might lead to your dishwasher leaking water during any of its usual functions.

Turbidity Sensor

The turbidity sensor is mainly in charge of deciding whether to continue the wash cycle by sending a beam of light into the water. Dirty water will block out the light, which instructs the dishwasher to continue its washing cycle. This process will be repeated until the dishwasher’s water comes out clean. A damaged turbidity sensor often leads to a dishwasher being stuck in a perpetual wash cycle.

Drain Valve And Inlet Valve

Most valves have the same function – to control the flow and passage of water. As the name suggests, the drain valve controls the flow of water towards the drain hose during the draining cycle. On the other hand, the inlet valve controls the amount of water flowing in during the cleaning cycle. An issue with either of these valves could lead to the dishwasher either overfilling or underfilling with water.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where Can I find my model number?

If you open your dishwasher door, you will find your model number on a sticker inside the dishwasher door frame.

When will my part be ready for pick up?

We carry most common parts and brands in our warehouse. If we don’t have it in stock, our staff member will order it in and call you as soon as it is ready to be picked up.

Can you help me find the part I am looking for?

Yes, please call our office and a staff member can help you look up a part you are looking for. We have access to different manufacturers diagrams and can easily look up a part number for you.

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