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Refrigerator - Appliance KingdomA Brief Guide On Replacing Broken Fridge Parts

Appliance Kingdom has all your fridge parts for all manufacturers and models. We carry all makes and models in our warehouse. If a part is not available, our staff will order the part from one of our distributors and call you as soon as it arrives. Be rest assured that no matter what fridge part you order from us you will not find it lower anywhere else in Edmonton. Our price is the most competitive and we promise to be the lowest. 

Common Refrigerator Issues

Even the sturdiest refrigerator can experience problems. Here is a look at some of the more common refrigerator issues that people experience.

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Refrigerator Isn’t Cold Enough

This is perhaps one of the most complex issues your fridge could have – you might just find yourself with a month’s worth of spoiled groceries without you even noticing. This problem is typically characterized by a noticeably increased rate of product deterioration.

There are several possible reasons why your refrigerator refuses to stay cold. User-created issues such as overfilling the fridge or blocking the air circulation are just as likely as a hardware malfunction, which is why you need to be thorough when attempting to diagnose this issue. If your problem is indeed caused by a hardware issue, then your most likely culprits of a faulty evaporator fan motor or condenser fan motor. The evaporator fan motor is responsible of controlling how much cold air is distributed into the fresh food compartment of your refrigerator. The condenser fan motor is located inside the compressor compartment on frost free refrigerators. The condenser fan operates when the compressor runs. It draws cool room air and circulates it through the condenser coils, over the compressor and out the front grille into the room. The air helps evaporate the water into the drain pain.

Freezer Isn’t Cold Enough

Finding your freezer unable to maintain its low temperature is very problematic. Like the previous issue, a malfunctioning freezer can lead to a lot of Refrigerator - Appliance Kingdom1easily spoiled food going bad right away. This issue typically stems from a problem with one of the parts involved in the temperature regulation of your freezer. If you find your frozen goods defrosting or your ice melting, then it might be time to take a look at your refrigerator’s defrost thermostat.

Water Dispenser Isn’t Working

Some refrigerators come with a very convenient water dispenser that dispenses water through the water filter. A common issue with the dispensers is a faulty water inlet valve, filter housing assembly or the supply tube is frozen. Other common issues are a malfunctioned dispenser control board, dispenser switch or door switch.

Ice Maker Isn’t Dispensing Ice

Having an ice maker is a huge selling point for certain refrigerators. However, ice cubes can sometimes come out as too small, hollow, or even not come out at all. Common causes for this include having a clogged water line, a faulty ice maker or faulty water inlet valve.

Diagnosing Issues

Repairing a broken refrigerator requires you to first identify which of its parts is causing problems. This can seem like a daunting task – which is why we’ve come up with this short guide on how to troubleshoot common refrigerator issues and identify broken parts. It’s also a good idea to do some research on your refrigerator’s specific model number beforehand.

Refrigerator Isn’t Cold Enough

Unfortunately, this issue could mean that parts in your primary cooling system are broken. Check to see if you have power to your fridge. A good way to quickly check this is to see if your refrigerator’s light bulb turns on when you open its door. Also, make sure that your door closes and isn’t being kept open by a misaligned fridge shelf.

If it powers on and you have no misaligned fridge shelves, move on the door gasket. Inspect it for any cracks to make sure that warm air isn’t getting inside your refrigerator. Undamaged gaskets might then mean a problem with your main cooling system.

To check if your cooling system is working, press your hand against both the inner and outer back walls of your fridge. They should both be cool and warm, respectively. Locate the evaporator fan motor and condenser fan motor to check if they are working. Replacement parts might be needed if either fan is broken.

Freezer Isn’t Cold Enough

This issue might also be caused by malfunctioning parts in the refrigerator’s cooling system. However, if your cooling system works fine, then another possibility is a malfunctioning defrost thermostat or defrost timer. Damage to either of these two parts might leave your freezer in a perpetual defrost cycle without you even knowing.

Water Dispenser Isn’t Working

This issue usually means the problem lies somewhere between the dispenser and water supply. Check for any clogs, ice blockages, or damages along the water supply line and water filter. If all is well, then check if your refrigerator’s water valve is functioning properly. A broken water valve will usually need replacement.

Ice Maker Isn’t Dispensing Ice

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A good way to diagnose a broken ice maker is to listen to your ice maker while it’s being used. Keep an ear out for the ice maker auger motor and check if it’s functioning. If it is, then your problem may stem from somewhere along the water supply line. Simply go through the steps we previously talked about and check if you have a clogged filter or damaged water inlet valve.

No power to the fridge

A cold control or temperature control supplies power to the compressor in the fridge. Another issue with no power to the fridge is a faulty overload or relay start capacitor. If you hear the fans running but hear a clicking sound, your compressor may not be able to start causing it to arc or o

verheat. Lastly check your power control board (PCB), electronic control board or main control board. Newer fridges are now equipped with an electronic control board that monitors the temperature inside your fridge and freezer which also controls the compressor and fans.

Common Fridge Parts

A serious refrigerator issue might require you to install a replacement OEM part. Attempting this requires having (at least) an idea about how refrigerator parts work. This quick guide should help you get up to speed.

It is important to note that the specific parts you need will differ depending on what brand and model of refrigerator you have. Always check your refrigerator’s model number and corresponding parts’ numbers before purchasing any replacement OEM part. Alternatively, ask help from your local appliance repairman.

Water Valves

The water valve (or water inlet valve) is in charge of controlling the water flow towards your refrigerator’s ice maker and/or water dispenser. It is located on the back of your fridge and is one of the first parts that you should check when your ice maker or water dispenser decides to stop working.

Water Filter

The water filter’s main function is to filter out any debris in the water that goes into both your ice and water dispenser. Keep in mind that this filter must be regularly cleaned or replaced due to the buildup of minerals and debris. A dirty filter might disrupt your refrigerator’s ability to dispense water.

Defrost Thermostat

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The defrost thermostat is one of the more important switches in your refrigerator’s internals. Its main job is to regulate your freezer’s defrost process. Upon reaching a certain temperature, the defrost thermostat opens and shuts down your defrost heater. A malfunctioning defrost thermostat might keep your heating elements on too long, which can further damage your refrigerator.

Evaporator Fan

The evaporator fan is an integral part of your refrigerator’s daily functions. When the cold refrigerant flows into the evaporator coils, it evaporates into vapour and saps the heat energy inside your refrigerator. This process turns the air cold. The evaporator fans help draw in and circulate this cool air into and around your fridge’s compartments. A malfunctioning evaporator fan often leads to your refrigerator feeling warm.


After passing through the evaporator coil and turning into vapour, the refrigerant then moves into the fridge’s compressor. Once inside, the compressor significantly raises the refrigerant’s pressure and temperature. This highly pressurized gas (freon) is then pushed into the condenser coils to continue the process. A malfunctioning compressor is characterized by a refrigerator that consistently fails to reach proper temperature.

Condenser Fan

The condenser fans help cool the refrigerant as it passes through the condenser coils. This process releases the captured heat energy into the outside environment. A malfunctioning condenser fan may cause your condenser coils to overheat, which can further damage your refrigerator’s cooling system.

Refrigerator Door Gasket

The refrigerator door gasket is an elastic strip that lines the outer edge of your freezer or refrigerator door. The gasket forms an airtight seal that prevents the warmer outside air from entering your refrigerator’s compartments. Any damages or cracks on this seal might prevent your refrigerator from properly cooling down.

Fridge accessories

If you are looking for a fridge handle, shelves, bins, light bulbs or air filter call us with your model number, and we will get you a replacement. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

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What brands do you carry?

We carry a wide range of brands including aftermarket parts. Some parts are available in an aftermarket brand and may be significantly cheaper.

Do you sell used fridge parts?

We do not sell any used parts. All parts you buy from us are brand new and come with a 3-month warranty.

Can I return a part that I have installed?

If you installed your fridge part, we cannot accept it back. Please make sure you correctly diagnose the problem before ordering your part.

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